Why Do We Need God?






Forgiveness is a matter of the __ Prov 10:12; ___ Prov 17:9; _______ Prov 19:11

Focus on hope

No consequences to sin.  But in reality there are real and current consequences.

Conquering/disciplining our appetites (God is not enough)

C.S. Lewis sermons – God is not enough, so I turn to ______ (food, alcohol, sex, possessions)  The enabling situation – unhealthy associations; the ultimate outcome: total destruction; the root cause – spritual dysfunction



Peace is countercultural

It runs contrary to our society

It runs contrary to our soul

Seek out harmony with others instead of unnecessary conflict

How can we have peace that is countercultural?


Planning Prov 12:20

Pleasing Prov 16:7

Prov 17:14; 10:12; 15:18; 16:28; 17:19; 20:3; 28:25; 29:22

James 4: 1-2; 3: 14-17

people seem to enjoy conflict (news, sports radio, social media) – say something inflammatory


Sin is enticing.  Short term pleasure but long term pain.  Sin is a gulf that divides us from god.


God exists actively in life.  Even godless benefit from God’s goodness while here on earth.







vertical and horizontal – relationships


Forgiveness versus gossip/revenge/acknowledgement

Prov 17:9

 Pride consists of actions that promote self


Prov 16:18; 25:6; 11:2; 27:1; 21:24; 18:12

The payoff is destruction (James 13-16)


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